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Comfort for the Day, Living through the Seasons of Grief is a scripture guided grief recovery memoir. The authors, Steve and Karen Nicola, bring the grieving reader into conversations with God through Scripture that makes a healing difference for one’s pain and sorrow. It was their own experience following the death of their 3-year-old son that urged them to share with others the reality that we can live through the “seasons of grief.”

This book aids the griever in listening to God’s gentle words of comfort and then the griever can respond by writing out their feelings, thoughts, doubts and breakthroughs; meaning that the reader can grieve better in a healthy and constructive way. The loss of a loved one or friend is so very difficult. Many of us at some time have felt inadequate on how to reach out to those closest to the one who has died. We wish we knew what to say or do for the bereaved. Wouldn’t it be assuring having a gift we could give that hurting individual that would really help them heal?

Comfort for the Day, Living Through the Seasons of Grief has given hope and help to many. As either personal grief memoir or a thoughtful gift. Comfort for the Day, Living Through the Seasons of Grief is a book that can be confidently used and given.

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