What’s Your Metaphor?

Prov. 30:5 “…[God] is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

I love the fact that God used the metaphor of a refuge to explain what life is like when you place your presence in the heart of God—instead of just trying to place a little bit of God’s presence in yours.

Metaphors are great, but terms don’t always stand the test of time. For the kids reading this, a metaphor is when you compare two different things and find something that is the same between them. For example, if I were to compare what a cat and a refrigerator have in common, I would say that they both have a place to put fish in them; they both purr; they come in a variety of colors; and, they both last about 15 years. Sorry. We’ll get you another one.

In the life and times of the Bible, the term refuge meant a lot more to the general population than it does to us today. In our times, we don’t live in places where we build high-walled fortified cities that we can run to in case of attacking armies. We live in moderate safety.

So what might be the metaphor that will work for you? What is “being in God” to you? Is it a N95 mask and a biohazard suit when you go to the grocery store now? Is it noise-canceling headphones? Is “being in God” your private spot in your garden or on your porch? Is it a wooded trail, or a warm cup of hot chocolate? What is it that brings you more peace than anything else in this world? That is what the practice of placing yourself in God’s presence will do for you daily. Take a moment right now and ask Him to shield you from the cares of the world. In doing so, rest assured that God will give you enough faith for today.


Your Friend In Faith,

Roy Ice