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Faith For Today is a television ministry committed to sharing God’s grace with the world through broadcast media. That’s been our mission since 1950, when Faith For Today launched its live inspirational television drama on ABC from New York City, making us the longest running religious television broadcast in the world!

Today, Faith For Today produces a family of programs, including Lifestyle Magazine and Mad About Marriage. We’ve expanded to include Internet ministry, live seminars, and community events.

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We are committed to sharing God’s grace through broadcast media, and we need your help in our worldwide outreach!

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Saturday August 24th

Faith For Today

Timeline PhotosPets.

There’s just something about them that makes us feel good!

So good, in fact, that pet owners visit their doctor less often than non-pet owners.

Healthier Heart and Lower Blood Pressure

Pet ownership - especially dog ownership - is associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Doctors think this is due to the feelings of peace and contentment that come from spending time with a pet, especially after a long stressful day. Plus, it’s also thought that dog owners are likelier to get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week than non-dog owners.

A Welcome Distraction from Pain

Pets might help manage chronic disease by reducing pain, anxiety and agitation. Studies have shown that a visit from a therapy dog can energize patients, making them more responsive and active.

Even better, research shows that people who undergo “pet therapy” when recovering from surgery need less pain medication! The same applies to people suffering from fibromyalgia.

Prevents Allergies in Children

Growing up with a cat or a dog from birth greatly reduces the risk of eczema and asthma in children. Repeated exposure to their “dirt” keeps allergies and autoimmune diseases at bay.

Emotional Connection

Pet owners enjoy a special bond and an emotional attachment to their animals. Most pets are considered family. This bond helps pet owners feel less lonely and creates more opportunities for social interactions. How? By getting people out of their homes and into public spaces, creating opportunities for social connection and conversation!


Pets depend on their owners for their physical and emotional needs. This added responsibility can provide the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, improves self-worth and keeps depression at bay. It’s harder to focus on negative thoughts when you have a pet that appreciates and loves you unconditionally.

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Wednesday July 24th

Faith For Today

Dear Friend,

I am so blessed! April 2019 was my fifteenth anniversary with Faith for Today. July of 2019 marks forty-five-years of ministry for me. What a blessing it has been for me to do work I love for a God I adore.

Not long ago I asked the Faith for Today’s Executive Committee to start the process of transitioning the ministry for new leadership. Per my request, a search identifying prospective candidates to lead this ministry will soon be underway. While no timetable has been set, it is my prayer that this historic ministry will be well-positioned for continued service for the Master.

Thank you for your strong support of this unique ministry through the years. Your belief in us as we conduct “first contact” ministry to secular men and women has inspired our entire team. But your support will be especially crucial as Faith for Today makes this leadership transition.

Please keep us in your prayers as the search begins. While this is obviously not the first time a sixty-nine-year-old ministry has transitioned leadership, it is still crucial that we find God’s candidate for this position. As always, I am confident He will not only lead this search but will continue to guide Faith for Today until His return.

In His Service,
Mike Tucker Speaker/Director
Faith for Today
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