What is Faith For Today?

Faith For Today is a television ministry of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. The first show was broadcast on May 21, 1950 and the ministry has continuously aired programming since that day.

Lifestyle Magazine is the current flagship and award-winning program of Faith For Today. In recent years other productions have included: Lifestyle Magazine’s Mad About Marriage, The Evidence, Faith For Today and McDougall, M.D. Faith For Today also produces feature film productions and holiday features such as Miracle At Gate 213. We invite you to explore these other shows. Simply click on the show name to find more information.

Where can I watch Faith For Today programs?

Lifestyle Magazine can be seen on a wide variety of television networks and stations across the U.S. and around the world. It airs on select ABC, NBC and other local outlets around the U.S. as well as The Family Channel, the Hope Channel, NRB network, Angel One and through syndication on many more networks throughout the U.S. The show has its own Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire channels and airs on Truli.com, GEB America and several other digital content outlets for an additional 1 million+ viewings per month. The show also airs in Canada, throughout Europe, in Australia and New Zealand and in China.

For more specific information on where you can watch in your area, click here to check out our “Where to Watch” page.

Does Faith For Today send out devotionals?

Mike Tucker writes a weekly devotional that is made available through our blog
Consider subscribing to our email list to receive regular “Faith Moments” in your inbox.

Are you on social media?

Yes! Join us on Facebook and for regular posts about spiritual matters, fitness, nutrition, relationships, outlook/attitude, special events, shows and more. Lifestyle Magazine and Mad About Marriage each have their own social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check them out too!

Can I contact Mike Tucker and the team?

We welcome your emails and inquiries. You can email Faith For Today by using our contact form. Mike welcomes your letters as well. We encourage you to send notes through the postal system and mail to:

Faith For Today
PO Box 1000
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359-1000

Live Events

Does Faith For Today Hold Live Events?

Absolutely! Faith For Today continues to reach local communities through relationship seminars, health seminars and special events. Please check the events page to see the schedule.

How can I book a live seminar with Mike Tucker?

Mike Tucker is available as the presenter of two seminars and as a guest speaker. Simply email the information about your event to [email protected] to start the conversation.

What are Mad About Marriage Seminars?

Mad About Marriage seminars are live relationship training events. Based on Lifestyle Magazine’s Mad About Marriage television series, these events explore the dynamics of healthy relationships and provide tools for helping couples enrich their marriage relationships. Visit www.madaboutmarriage.com for booking and more information.

What is “The Choice”?

The Choice Seminar is a transformational LIVE event. Mike Tucker, host of Lifestyle Magazine, guides audiences through the choices that affect our joy. He outlines how to identify self-lies and replace them with the truths that transform. Guests and experts from the show join Mike to inspire and help audiences create their best life possible. For more information and to book, email [email protected]


How can I make a donation to the ministry?

Donations to the ministry may be made online, by mail, or by calling (888) 940-0062. Only credit card donations can be taken online or over the phone.

Do you issue monthly and/or year-end receipts?

Yes. Year-end receipts are mailed in January, and daily receipts are sent as donations are processed.

I can't find my year-end receipt? How do I get another one?

You may request another year-end receipt by calling 1-805-955-7700.

What is the Faith Partners’ program?

The vision of this ministry is to share God’s grace with the world through broadcast media. Our ministry is modeled after Christ’s method of ministry. Just as He cared for His followers by meeting their physical and emotional needs, Faith For Today seeks to earn viewers’ trust by offering insightful answers and practical help for life from a Christian perspective. We seek to encourage, inspire and equip viewers for greater success in their daily lives. Faith For Today also seeks to overcome religious prejudice—to offer hope, help, healing, and a personal connection with a God who cares.

Partnership with purpose makes this possible. Through your faithful and consistent support, you become an expression of God's heart to people seeking hope and healing. And when you partner with us as a Faith Partner, you share in the blessings, the eternal rewards and the fulfillment of what God is doing through you. Thank you for your vision, your generosity and your prayers. They keep this ministry going! For more information, please visit our Planned Giving page.

How can I become a Faith Friend?

Faith Partners usually support this ministry by giving each month. You may send in a check, mail or call in a credit card payment, or we can automatically withdraw the amount from a credit card or checking account each month.

To become a Faith Friend and Partner, or for more information, please call 1-888-940-0062 or visit our Donate page.

Can I donate electronically from my checking account or credit card?

Yes. Faith Friends may set up their account to have automatic withdrawal from a checking account or credit card, or they may call or mail in their donation each month.

I haven't received a partner letter or email in a while. What do I do?

If you have stopped receiving partner resources by mail, please contact our ministry support team representatives at 1-805-955-7700.