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Tuesday June 18th

Faith For Today

Timeline PhotosDid you enjoy this week's show on Lyme Disease?
With @eric.lutes.9 and kortnye.hurst

If you missed it, you can watch it free, here, now:


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* How is it spread?
* Where is it found?
* How is it prevented?
* How is it diagnosed?
* How is it treated?

Visit: lifestyle.org/about-the-show/free-offers

Enter Free Offer Code: LYME-T-F-401
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Tuesday June 11th

Faith For Today

Timeline PhotosQ: Why does romance fade in marriage for so many couples?

A: Because they let it.

Romance is a choice.

Choose To Be Romantic!

One of the beautiful things about romance is that it’s not just a feeling but it’s a decision, too.

So: challenge yourself to find new ways to fill your marriage with romance and make your partner feel special.

It’s a process that begins with a decision – the decision to be romantic.

5 Marriage Tips For Rekindling Romance:

1. Relive special romantic moments
2. Be kind and forgiving
3. Don’t Train!
4. Be emotionally expressive and loving, and affirming
5. Communicate with two-way conversation

We'll cover each of those tips HERE over the next 5 days.

But if you need all the tips NOW Visit:

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Tuesday June 4th

Faith For Today

Timeline PhotosQ: Looking for an Outstanding Christian Marriage Counselor?

A professional counselor who is also a Christian is quite different from a Christian Marriage Counselor. Some professionals will label their services as “Christian” so as to seem more appealing to couples who are in search of Christian marriage therapy. However, they approach counseling from a professional point of view but not necessarily from a biblical point of view.

There are many segments and divisions within Christianity, so be sure that the marriage therapist understands your particular religious persuasion and, as much as possible, shares your values and priorities.

The church you attend is a great starting place for your journey in finding the most effective Christian marriage therapy for you.

Some people are reluctant to seek marriage therapy from a marriage counselor or pastor they know because they prefer to keep the matter private between the two spouses. But it’s likely that the people closest to them, and friends at church, already suspect they are having marriage trouble.

A: Start with your pastor.

* Most pastors have some training in marriage counseling.
* Your pastoral staff may offer marriage counseling as a service of your local church.
* Your pastor can refer you to a Christian marriage counselor in your area.

Choose someone who considers your faith as the foundation of their Christian counseling. This is crucial to couples with strong Christian faith.
Choose only the best.
Stop at nothing until you get the best service.
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