All God’s Children

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 1 John 3:1

Some years ago, The Archbishop of Canterbury was rushing to catch a train in London. In his haste, he accidentally jumped on the wrong passenger car and found himself on a car full of inmates from a mental hospital. They were all dressed in hospital clothing.

Just as the train pulled out of the station, an orderly came in and began to count the inmates. “One, two, three, four,” he counted. Then suddenly he saw this distinguished looking gentleman among them, wearing a business suit and a clerical collar.

“Who are you?” demanded the orderly.

The answer came back, “I am the Archbishop of Canterbury!”

And the orderly said, “Five, six, seven, eight….”

This story makes me smile! I’m sure the Archbishop must have enjoyed telling it. In spite of all the education and dignity of this esteemed man, in the midst of the inmates, the orderly just saw him as one-of-the-crowd. He assumed being “Archbishop” was simply this inmate’s particular delusion.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for each of us. While we may be different in background, experience, education, and accomplishment, the truth is, we are all the same. We seem to be addicted to comparison, trying to make sure we look better than the next person, but when our Creator looks down, He sees us all as His dear children. Certainly, He is attuned to our individual differences; indeed, He knows and cares about every intimate detail of our lives; but none of us is more beloved than the next. No one ranks higher on the heavenly scale.

This knowledge should give us great security; we are loved and accepted by God, regardless of our accomplishments. But I think it should also give us a greater sense of compassion for those around us. If God loves them so dearly, surely, I should see and treat each one as the treasure that they truly are.

Yours in Faith,