Be Bold

Paul wrote, “Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.” 2 Corinthians 3:12

Paul exhibited what some have called, “holy boldness.”  This type of boldness is yours when you realize that as a Christian, you represent the greatest power in the universe.  That makes you bold.

Long ago Great Britain was one of the greatest powers on earth.  During those days China was very much isolated from the rest of the world and was completely unaware of her standing against the industrialized nations of the earth.  The leaders of China were treated as gods.  Everyone who came before them bowed and placed their face in the dirt to address the Emperor, who was called the Celestial Brightness, the Brother of the Sun and the Cousin of the Moon.  Even merchants from the West were happy to bow in this manner before the Emperor since they wanted the opportunity to trade and make money.

However, when England sent her ambassadors to see the Emperor, they defied the tradition and stood upright.  They were told that they could not be indulged with a vision of the Brother of the Sun and the Cousin of the Moon without going down on their hands and knees. “Very well,” said the Englishmen, “we will dispense with the luxury of seeing the Emperor. But tell his Celestial Splendor that it is very likely that his Serenity will hear our cannon at his palace gates before long, and that their booming is not quite so harmless as the cooing of his Sublimity’s doves.” The ambassadors of the British Crown were no cringing petitioners; the British Empire rose in the respect of the Oriental nations.

Our cowardice has subjected the gospel to contempt. Jesus was humble, and his servants must not be proud, but Jesus was never cowardly when representing Heaven before earthly kings, nor must his servants be. There was no braver man than Christ. He could stoop to save a soul, but he would stoop to nothing by which his character might be compromised, or truth and righteousness insulted. To preach the gospel boldly is to deliver it as such a message ought to be delivered.

Blush to preach of a dying Savior? Apologize for talking about the Son of God condescending to be made man, that he might redeem us from all iniquity? Never! By the grace of God let us purpose with Paul “to be yet more bold,” that the gospel may be yet more fully preached throughout all ranks of mankind.

Your friend in faith,

Roy Ice