Bumping Into Jesus

When Jesus performed miracles, what was He truly trying to reveal to us.  Take, for example, two people who bumped into Jesus.

Jairus (on behalf of his daughter) and a very sickly woman both “bumped” into Jesus interweaving their miracle stories for eternity.  They both came seeking His help.  They approached differently – one came TO Jesus, another slipped up BEHIND Him.  In both instances, Jesus allowed for their “interruption” and honored their faith with the miracles of healing.

The juxtaposition of Jairus’ young 12 year old daughter and the woman who had struggled with disease for 12 years is profound.  Here are just some things to consider….

The interweaving between these two stories is amazing:

  • Both are dying
  • Both are in a crisis
  • Jesus is going “FROM” one person; Jesus is going “TO” the other
  • One represents the mature generation; one represents the coming generation
  • One receives life as the other loses it
  • One is healed by touching a tassel; one is resurrected by Jesus’ touch

What was it that gave Jairus and this woman unstoppable faith? Was it desperation? Was it optimism? Was it only Jesus’ reputation?

I know.  I’m asking more questions right now than giving answers.  But in the questions, I believe we can uncover new insights. Try reading the story in Luke 8:40-56 once again or take a listen to The Bible Lab’s study on this very topic.  Episode 7 (Hyperlink:  http://www.thebiblelab.com/message-inside-miracles.html )

What message do we see in the interweaving of these two stories?  What message does He have for you today?  I can promise you He has something amazing in store.  Reach out and touch Him.  He will honor your faith.


Your Friend In Faith,


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