Turned Inside Out

For the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. ~ Matthew 13:45

One snowy winter evening, Barbara Krensavage found herself with an unusual craving for clams, which are not something she often prepares. She pulled out a favorite old recipe, went to the market, and bought four dozen quahogs—a variety of clam that is particularly abundant between Cape Cod and New Jersey.

Her husband was in the midst of shucking the shellfish for dinner when he discovered one that looked like it was dead.  It had a different color to it, and he thought it was diseased.  But, just as he was about to discard it, Barbara happened to take a closer look.

It wasn’t dead.  In fact, inside the live clam was a rare, and possibly priceless, purple pearl.  Experts estimate that roughly one in two million quahog clams contains a gem-quality pearl like the one found by the Krensavages.  Due to the great rarity of the find, it has been difficult to even place a value on it, though some have estimated the pearl to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The message Christ brought to the world was one of a kingdom among us, where – like in the Krevsavage’s clam – all is not as it may first appear.  In a world that seems more marked by disease than promise, there is hidden a treasure of great value. In fact, it is worth selling all we have in order to own it.

In a world of seemingly stagnant hope and deteriorating vision, there is the promise of living water.  In a world marked by the power of death, there is yet a Life among us that is stronger than death.  “Now we see as in a glass darkly,” but if we are willing to take a closer look, the kingdom Christ came to show us is here and real. It is a pearl of great price.

Keeping the faith,