Finding Wisdom

The Bible says that there are some little creatures that we can learn from, and though they are very little, they are very wise.

It is in the summer, when the grass is green, and the harvest is plentiful and everything is blooming and there is a wide selection of fruit to be had—it is during that season that the ant ignores where he is, because he is filled with a mindset for where he is going. And so he does something that seems foolish at the time that he’s doing it. But he does it because he has in his mind a place that he is going to, and this ant, if he were here to speak to you today, his message would be, point number one: Prepare yourself. I am confident that there is somebody watching today who needs to increase in wisdom right now by preparing yourself. God said listen to the wisdom of the ant: prepare yourself. It was summer, but the ant was preparing for winter.

The other thing that is amazing about him—not only does he disregard his past—he ignores his present. You don’t see the ant try to glutton up all the food he can, while he can, and fatten himself up as if there is no tomorrow. The ant has the ability to have delayed gratification. He’s willing to wait. You cannot prepare yourself if you do not have the patience to wait. If you can’t wait, you’re going to mess yourself up from what God has for you. The ant has a strategy! His whole philosophy is to get ready for what is about to happen in his life.

Take a lesson from the tiny ant…prepare yourself.  Regardless of the past, or the present, prepare for what lies ahead.  God has great plans for you.  Today is your opportunity to prepare for all He has in store.

Wishing you faith for today,