It’s A Bargain!

Given the opportunity, how much would you pay for a place in heaven? A recent survey asked the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans that very question. This elite group of about one million households earns at least $250,000 per year and has a net worth of at least $2.5 million. These millionaires gave the following breakdown of what they would spend on certain unique opportunities.

For great beauty, the average price they would willingly pay was $83,000. For talent, they would spend $285,000. Great intellect commandeered $407,000. They said true love was worth $487,000.

The highest bid on any subject went for a place in heaven. To secure their spot in eternity, these wealthy Americans said they would part with $640,000.

Isn’t it interesting that even if heaven could be bought, those who have the most money don’t want to spend more than 25 percent of their net worth to get there? What a stark contrast to the 100 percent investment Christ made to secure our eternal destiny.

Since heaven cost Jesus everything, it costs you nothing!  Jesus gives it to you as a gift of love!  All your money, all your talent, and all your resources together could not make a down payment on heaven.  However, Jesus does ask that we give him something in return.  He asks for all of us – everything we are and have.

As frightening as that may seem, just as soon as we give it, he gives it back for us to enjoy until we get to heaven.  You can’t beat this bargain anywhere!

Your Friend In Faith,

Roy Ice