Obstacles or Opportunities?

In the past few days, I’ve noticed many people talking about the new obstacles they are facing as we adjust to a new way of life during this COVID-19 pandemic. May I take two minutes of your time to show you how to make all of these obstacles disappear?

I want you to envision something for a moment. The mighty Kublai Khan wrote a letter to the leadership of the Christian church in Rome about 700 years ago. He requested, “Send me 100 men skilled in your religion. If they are convincing, I shall be baptized, and then all my barons and great men, and then their subjects. And so there will be more Christians here than there are in your parts.”

Doesn’t this appear to be one of the most exciting opportunities for church growth of all time? Well, it may seem that way to us today, but what the church saw were obstacles. So, instead of sending the requested 100 men, they sent two. As these two representatives of faith traveled toward Kublai Khan, the journey became quite difficult, and the obstacles blocked out their entire view of this amazing opportunity. Discouraged by the obstacles, they turned around and headed back home.

Unfortunately, we will never know how God would have blessed that pivotal moment in history. But we do know one thing very firmly:  God is giving us a HUGE opportunity right now. Many are only seeing today’s conditions as restrictive obstacles, but let’s all take a collective step back. Right now we have opportunities that we have never had within our lifetime—opportunities to reach out to our neighbors, our communities, and our local service providers. This is an opportunity for us, as people of FAITH, to show the depths and width of our God-given love for everyone within our reach. Take another look at that thing you thought looked like an obstacle. That’s not what it is after all, is it. No, now that we take another look, it’s a beautiful new opportunity, isn’t it?

If you have a moment, please write back to us a let us know how you are employing your Faith For Today!
Your friend in faith,

Roy Ice