The Seven Wonders

I like the story about the 3rd graders who were asked by their teacher to make a list of the Seven Wonders of the World. They took blank pieces of paper and started writing down what they believed to be the Seven Wonders.

After a while, the teacher collected the papers and began looking at their answers. On their lists were things you would expect, like the Grand Canyon, the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India — wonders from all over the world.

But the teacher noticed that one little girl was still busily writing. He asked her, “Aren’t you through? I only asked you to write down seven things — the Seven Wonders of the World. What are you writing?”

“Well,” the little girl answered, “I don’t know if these are the right ones or not, but I have a whole lot more than seven.”

“May I see what you’ve written?” the teacher asked. She handed him the paper, and he began to read the little girl’s list: “To be able to see, hear, think, breathe, touch, run, love, laugh….” And the list went on.

You see, our problem is that we think the great things of life are the big things; the magnificent material things. Maybe we need the eyes of the little girl who realized the great wonder that lies in the gifts and blessings our Heavenly Father is giving to us every single day.

Your Friend In Faith,Roy Ice