The Bible is filled with many heroes for us to use as examples. However, sometimes we find the best examples live among us.  

Without a doubt we can look to our medical professionals and first responders who are risking their own lives to bring healing and hope in the middle of this crisis.  But let’s bring it even closer to home.  What about a family member?  What about your mother or father? 

Consider the case of John Chrysostom’s mother, Anthusa.

Anthusa lived from c. 330 to 374 A.D. in Antioch. Widowed at the age of 20, she is remembered for her influence in the life of her son, John Chrysostom, one of the greatest preachers and leaders of the 4th-century church. Her contemporaries tell us Anthusa was cultured, attractive, and from a wealthy family. Yet she chose to not remarry after her husband’s death, deciding instead to devote herself to rearing her two children, John and his sister. 

John later wrote that his mother not only taught her children to know and love the teachings of the Bible, but also that her very life was a model of biblical teaching. A student of law, rhetoric and the Scriptures, John was ordained by Bishop Meletius and later became bishop of Constantinople. A zealous missionary himself, he inspired numerous others to serve as missionaries. And he always emphasized that a crucial factor to effective evangelism is for Christians to be living examples of Christ-centeredness. Surely he learned something of this from his mother Anthusa.

Parents, it is important to remember that you are the most likely example your child has to follow, especially right now in the strange circumstances we find ourselves. Make certain it is a good example.  And if it seems overwhelming to be the hero, just know you’ve got a Father in heaven ready to help you every step of the way.

Your Friend In Faith,

Roy Ice