The Gift of Community

Why did God establish the church? One reason the church exists is to provide a community of believers who take care of each other. When I am beginning to stray from God, my fellow believers draw me back. They help me know when my life is getting to the boiling point. They serve as an early warning system for my spiritual condition.

Several years after Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Korey Stringer died from a heatstroke during football conditioning drills in 108-degree heat, three NFL teams began offering their players a “radio pill.”

Teams paid between $30 and $40 a piece for the pills, which last 24 to 36 hours.

A crystal sensor in each pill has a frequency geared to the player’s body temperature. When the player’s body temperature rises, so does the frequency.

A trainer punches in a player’s jersey number and waves a digital device in front of him to determine if the player is “getting too hot” and needs intervention.

Like athletes who don’t know they have overextended themselves and need intervention, Christians can stray from God and be oblivious to their spiritual condition. Praise God, He made provision even for this. He placed us in community with other believers. As we enter into relationship and share our spiritual journeys, we can become spiritual trainers for one another and maintain robust spiritual health.


Wishing you faith for today,