Do you trust God?  Taking a leap of faith and learning to trust the Almighty is a means of drawing ever closer to God.  But most of us grasp for control.  We look for security, never realizing that the only One who can provide security is God.

John Powell, in Prayer as Surrender, illustrates this principle:

I used to carry my aged mother up and down the stairs of our home here in Chicago. And she would grab onto the banister while I was carrying her up or down the stairs and hold on to it so tightly we couldn’t move.

I’d say, “Momma, you have to let go of the banister or we can’t move.”

And she looked at me with her plaintive little eyes and said, “I’m afraid you’ll drop me.”

I said, “Momma, I’m going to drop you right now. When I count to three, I’m going to drop you!” And then she would let go, and we’d go two more steps, when she would grab on again.

That is in microcosm my interaction with God. I’m hanging on to the banisters of life. I’m hanging on to these little things that make me feel secure. But God loves me more than I love my little mother, and God would never let me come to any harm. God knows where we’re going.

John Powell is absolutely on the mark here.  God knows where we are going and He knows best how to get us there.  We can allow fear to control our hearts or we can trust the love of a God who has proven time and time again…He won’t drop us.

Your Friend In Faith,

Roy Ice